Modern Food Photography

A few blog posts ago I talked about updating my food photography portfolio with some more recent pieces. If you are interested, have a read and take a look at the photographs here. Since this was on spec for a client pitch, it’s sometimes hard to know exactly what a potential client is looking for. Even more difficult is satisfying their expectations while keeping expenses in line. I had a brief and I executed as best I could. Turns out, even though the photographs were well received, I missed the mark in securing the business. The client really wanted to see a more modern approach to the styling and what I had submitted reflected too much of the “antique, crafty” look. To keep out-of-pocket costs down, I used what I had here around the house (and for those of you that know Dana and I, we’re more “country-chic” around our place than the trendy modern approach that’s hot right now).

And that’s ok. You aren’t going to be able to work with everyone.

But I thought I could do better. I gave it one more kick at the can. With Dana’s keen eye,  we went and sourced some new props and went to town with a modern, clean, approach to the photographs. A big thanks to Dana for her help getting the styling just right.

Here are the results.




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