Bedford Mill

Tett House ICM 02

There is just so much to see and document walking around our property. The image that I created of the Mill (above) is one of my favourite Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) images I’ve ever created. I love the way it looks like a painting. I also love that I’m able to do this with my camera because I…

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Swans of Loon Lake

We were pleasantly surprised to learn that Swans regularly visit Loon Lake. They typically stay clear of any of the people and boaters that happen down this end of the lake and it’s tough to photograph them at such a distance. They basically keep to themselves which I’m ok with. But on this afternoon…

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Bedford Mills Pond

Kayaking has helped me get out on the water. The beauty that surrounds me on a daily basis is stunning. On days like today, when the water and the sky meet because they are the same shade of blue, I feel this undeniable need to grab my camera, get in my kayak, and start documenting what I see…

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