Stella & Dot

My wife Dana has been my muse since the day I met her. I mean really, isn’t it every photographer’s dream to have a subject as beautiful as her to photograph? We sometimes joke that I’m her “Instagram Husband” but it truly isn’t to that extreme. Plus, Dana’s pretty good at finding mirrors to shoot into…

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On Being A Model

Yesterday I posted about always trying to better myself as a photographer. If you are interested, you can read the post (and see the images I made with my lovely wife) by viewing yesterday’s post. Part of bettering myself requires me to understand how a subject feels in front of my camera…

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Rembrandt Lighting

It’s easy to get complacent with photography. You find something that works, or inspires you, or you take a job that requires you to specialize in one area of photography and you don’t continue to better your skills in others. I have been shooting so many live event and marketing images…

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