light leaks

Winter Tree of Life

If you frequent this blog, you’ll know that I found this amazing tree that I’ve called the “Tree of Life.” It has these long reaching branches that entwine and feel like they reach on forever. I love photographing this tree using the Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) technique because it adds movement to my…

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Ninth Concession ICM 02

Another trip down the Ninth Concession just outside of Westport Ontario yielded some amazing new pieces of art. I love using the Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) technique along side a fogged lens, some double (and triple) exposures, and a lot of luck, to create something unique (at least to my eye)…

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Mextures Experimentation

One of my jobs as a photographer and a creative is to experiment. With every experiment, there are usually a number of different conclusions you can draw from your findings. When you creatively experiment, the findings aren’t usually as black and white…

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