new growth

My 100 & Me [Week 09]

How quickly life can lead you in other directions. This blog is super important to me yet it’s been over a year since I’ve updated it. Why? I could list a thousand reasons – all of which would probably be valid in one way or another but I think the truth is that sometimes I just feel like I don’t…

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My 100 & Me [Week 08]

It’s amazing how the weather shifts from week to week and how those shifts can affect your mood & emotional state. Last week was filled with blue skies, blooming flowers and an overall bright & airy colour palette. This week not so much. We were back to rain, flooding, and an overall sense…

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My 100 & Me [Week 07]

Spring has sprung! I repeat: SPRING HAS SPRUNG! It feels like we have been waiting FOREVER to see fresh flowers blooming, new buds on the trees and WARMER weather! For those in the area, you know when you have to turn the furnace on or start a fire in June, it’s been an abnormally cold Spring.

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