FujiTuesday – Downtown Toronto Photowalk in February

Wow was tonight ever cold! It didn’t keep eight enthusiastic Fuji X-Shooters from the streets of Toronto though. February’s FujiTuesday meet-up started at Aden Camera on Yonge Street in Toronto and ended up at the The 3 Brewer’s Pub a short distance away. We wandered around Yonge-Dundas Square; followed the Path to the Sheraton Centre; and eventually meandered through Nathan…

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Are you coming?

This little cutie took a bit to warm up to the camera but when she did, I had a blast following her around her family property. I love kids at this age because they are so expressive in everything they do. Family Portrait Sessions have become a big part of my photography work and I’m happy that it has. I’m…

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All bundled up

When shooting on the beach, the wind can turn the air from warm into cool and biting rather quickly. So how do we deal with the changing weather? Well you snuggle in real close to your loved one and wrap yourselves in a blanket of course! Cheers! t.

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