Skyfire 02

A couple of blog posts ago (see Skyfire 01), I started making photographs of the bright sun, contrasted against some heavily wooded areas. By shooting the sun through the trees using the Intentional Camera Movement technique (with a little double exposure thrown in to boot) yielded some very interesting…

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Hutchings Road ICM

There is a wonderful little road close to where we live and it has the most breathtaking (swampy) area I’ve ever seen. Lots of wild flowers, reeds, tall grass and shrubbery fill about 3 acres of land on the side of the road. It’s a tough place to stop to make photographs, as there is a blind corner that you…

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Skyfire 01

At the end of my latest shooting session (click here for Tett House ICM 02), I stumbled upon creating some images of the bright sun through a heavily wooded area. When I used a slow shutter speed on my camera and a neutral density filter on my lens, I could move my camera every which way during the exposure…

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