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My 100 & Me [Week 01]

Starting my new weekly blog feature “My 100 & Me.” This is where I carry my “pocket-size” Fujifilm x100f with me wherever I go, with one battery and one small memory card. I plan to shoot what I find most interesting during that week, download and process the images at week’s end…

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Napanee Rapeseed Fields

I’ve always been enamoured by the bright and beautiful yellow fields that pop up during the summer months in Ontario. Until recently, I had no idea what type of flower or crop it was that created this picturesque scenery (It’s called “Rapeseed” and it’s typically used in the production of Canola Oil) but I…

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The Road to Perth

The road to Perth is a wonderfully scenic drive winding through streams, ponds, fields and trees, complete with just about every known piece of vegetation and wildlife Eastern Ontario has to offer. It’s a drive I do a lot, not because of anything specific but because it’s as relaxing a drive as you can get…

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