Swans of Loon Lake 03

This is it. This is the one. After many (unsuccessful) attempts at documenting the “bird conference” that the swans were attending on Loon Lake every day this past winter, I finally made some photographs I’m happy with. It was a brisk, misty morning and there were about 25 swans clumped…

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Swans of Loon Lake 02

Continuing with the documentation of the swans that frequent our end of Loon Lake, here are a few more photos of the swans gathering during January. I like to think they are having a post-New-Years community meeting to discuss just how “out of hand” the party got this year and how…

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Swans of Loon Lake

We were pleasantly surprised to learn that Swans regularly visit Loon Lake. They typically stay clear of any of the people and boaters that happen down this end of the lake and it’s tough to photograph them at such a distance. They basically keep to themselves which I’m ok with. But on this afternoon…

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