Toronto Indie-Rock

Live Concert: Wintersleep

Wintersleep is one of my favourite bands to see perform live. Ever since my friends Dave and Mark introduced me to their (at that time) upcoming album Welcome to the Night Sky, I was hooked. Their songs strike a cord with me that is hard to describe. They’re melodic but easy to rock out to. Their sound is…

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Live Concert: Hollerado

If anyone was going to whip the crowd into a frenzy, it would be hometown boys Hollerado. It was a good thing too because the crowd had grown exponentially, I think because most of the day’s races were now complete. The beachballs even made an appearance during their set…

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Live Concert: Fast Romantics

The Fast Romantics were next up on the bill, an indie-rock band from Toronto, Ontario. Playing a handful of songs off their 2017 album “American Love,” the band got some major love from the rain-drenched crowd. Having only previously heard “Why We Fight” off of American Love, I was expecting a real…

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