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My 100 & Me [Week 11]

My travels took me back to Toronto for a shoot and the sunset from my hotel room window was simply stunning. I try to stay away from the standard sunset shots (landscape cutting through the middle of the image, sun placed neatly in the middle of the photo) and in this case, the horizon was so…

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The Glorious Sons in Toronto

I got to be a total fanboy last November when I saw The Glorious Sons play the Scotiabank Area in Toronto. It was my first time seeing them live and it was their largest headlining show to date. Win-Win. TGS put on a fabulous live show, playing tracks from their previous three albums and some unreleased gems too. A couple…

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Habitat for Humanity Fundraiser

My concert photography experience has brought me full circle. At first it was friends DJing or playing acoustic guitars around a campfire. Then it was my big break getting to work with The Tragically Hip shooting their shows for their website 10 years ago. Ok there might have been a few steps in…

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