Foley Mountain Winter Scenes

The views of our little town from the Foley Mountain lookout are enough to take your breath away. Westport has never looked so picturesque as it does when a light and fluffy snow has fallen over the town. The snow clings to everything it touches and the light bounces in every direction off of the white canvas.

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Loon Lake Sunrise 02

The end of Loon Lake that our property is on offers a beautiful perspective for Sunrises. When the lake is calm and the clouds wisp through the sky, there is nothing more peaceful than watching the sun rise over the horizon. The only problem? I’m not a morning person. Lifting my head from my pillow…

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Foley Mountain Views

It was August 2015 and Dana, Oliver and I had taken a few days off of work to travel East to visit from friends. We first ended up somewhere near Brockville (Dana would be able to tell you better where we were) at a house that a friend’s family had rented. We stayed there for a couple of days…

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